Evo Car of The Year 2016

Every year, we put together the very best for a grand finale. While 2014 and 15 has been exceptional years where car makers seemingly goes to no end to indulge themselves in both ends of hybrid wizardry and mechanical purity, creating mind boggling cars like that of the P1, 918 Spyder while on the other end of the scale they also make cars that feel like an extension of your body in the form of the McLaren 675LT, the 911 GT3 RS, the Cayman GT4. 2016 then is a surprise because it seems as if the learnings from the madness are now being applied to everyday cars, coupes, sports cars, even hatchbacks. We've never had a greater mixture of cars of such diverse talents than this year's lineup, and that's what makes everything so much more, special. Here's Ecoty 2016 for you, get your coffee ready, speakers up, sit back, and enjoy.  

- Bobby ang