Mind boggling it is, the 540i is still a sizeable executive family car that somehow gets you into feeling that it’s a smaller performance saloon while you’re doing the tango. A very rare and pleasant feel that somehow isn’t prevalent in a class filled with competitors opting the wafty and unwieldy route. Could this be its lighter kerb weight? It certainly is, and the G30 easily takes the cake by being the most dynamically potent and comfort-focused generation yet in the 5-series lineage.

Straight-line performance is also made up from a straight-six turbocharged petrol motor that is paired to a swift-shifting eight-speed autobox. At 3.0-litres, the sweet sounding powerhouse pushes out a nice serving of 340bhp with 450Nm worth of torque. Brutal it isn’t in acceleration compared to the old N55 motor found in the F10 535i, but in this case — it takes off in a more civilised manner. When it comes to a century sprint, it hits a 100km/h in just 5.1 seconds.

Refinement is also astoundingly good while cruising on the motorway that leads back to the capital. The suppression of tyre roars are an added plus, whereas wind noise is well dissipated — all thanks to its good NVH all-round — rendering every single exterior clamor weak even before it penetrates into the cabin.

While at it, I’ve decided to give the G30’s semi-autonomous drive a shot. It works in sync with the active cruise control and lane keep assist; which if activated — gives the driver 30-seconds worth of handsfree travel without touching the steering.