It’s a journey you can’t plot on Google Maps, but that didn’t stop a group of nine Proton X70 owners from proudly driving all the way to Hangzhou, China to visit the headquarters of Geely Automobiles, the birthplace of their cars.

Flagged off from Proton’s COE headquarters in Shah Alam, the group took the scenic route through Thailand and Laos, stopping by various attractions along the way. It took the group six days to reach the Laos-China border at Mengla and a further 12 days before arriving at Hangzhou.

Throughout the month-long journey, the participants religiously followed a daily schedule of waking up at 6am, having breakfast by 7am, and hitting the road at 8am in order to be able to visit the many sceneries the journey had to offer.

The cars, meanwhile, were driven several hundred kilometres daily on various unpredictable conditions. Despite the exertions, all nine vehicles completed the trip to and fro Hangzhou without needing anything more than regular servicing.

In China, vehicle servicing and support was provided by Geely dealers who are already familiar with the X70’s innards as the Boyue. All nine vehicles have safely returned to Malaysia without developing any technical issues.

Four countries, 13,000km, 33 days – Nine units of the Proton X70 hit the road on an epic journey from Malaysia to visit Geely HQ in Hangzhou. All of them made it back, without a fuss.






  • 2,900km from Shah Alam.

  • Border crossing from Laos into China.

  • Cars inspected by police before being issued road tax stickers and temporary driving license.


  • 3,200km from Shah Alam.

  • Wild Elephant Valley – home to about 130 wild elephants.

  • Well-known for Pu’er tea,


  • 3,600km from Shah Alam.

  • The Stone Forest in Shilin is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with limestone pillars making for a spectacular sight.


  • 4,500km from Shah Alam.

  • Home of China’s famous Phoenix Ancient City.


  • 5,200km from Shah Alam.

  • Lively, sprawling modern city on the Yangtze River bank.

  • Three Gorges Dam.


  • 5,900km from Shah Alam.

  • Renowned Porcelain Capital of the world.


  • 6,000km from Shah Alam.

  • Hometown of Books, Hometown of Tea, and the most picturesque village of China.


  • 6,200km from Shah Alam.

  • Steeped in picturesque natural landscapes and rich history.


“We were already impressed by the high levels of comfort and refinement the Proton X70 has and after spending 33 days driving over 13,000km on unpredictable roads, I am convinced this is one of the best choices in its class.”

- Dato’ Wong Kean Hwee

“An epic journey to China offers the chance to experience many different cultures along the way. Choosing the wrong vehicle for the trip however can make it seem very long and tiring so I am delighted with how the Proton X70 performed. It was reliable, comfortable and refined, which means it will be a pleasure to drive on a daily basis.”

- Lim Mee

“Through this Amazing Trip 2019, we built strong bonds not only with the Proton X70 owners, but also with Proton. With this, I would like to thank Proton for their support as this shows that Proton really cares for its customers.”

- Dr. Ling Tung King

It’s a journey you can’t plot on Google Maps...

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...and the adventure begins

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