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While this year’s show boasted a number of great debuts, we check out Honda’s latest concepts that is set to pave the way for the marque’s future.

An electrified future is what Honda is aiming for down the road. Reporting from the brand’s impressive section, the pageant this year involves a series of debuts — namely the Sports EV concept, the re-appearance of the stylish and yet retro-looking Urban EV concept, and the intelligent NeuV concept.

While these concepts are set to steal the limelight, Honda has even displayed the exclusive NSX, all-new Legend, the ultra-compact N-Series and even the S660 to garner some curious show-goers. Unfortunately, these models as mentioned here are not destined for our market as the brand will be shifting their focus on purely offering its latest range of i-DCD cars such as the new Jazz and City Hybrid.

Honda Sports EV Concept

The unique and sleek Honda Sports EV concept has made its debut today at the 2017 Tokyo Motorshow, sitting alongside the retro-looking Urban EV concept. Being a concept that combines electric performance and AI (artificial intelligence) inside a compact body, the Sports EV is designed to offer the best when it comes to driving enjoyment and top-notch dynamics. It’s also billed to offer the best in electric motoring pleasure with an adaptive lifestyle for young drivers.

It sits on the same platform as the Urban EV concept but so far there's no plans to put it into production. Its hatchback cousin however, is slated to go on sale in Europe by 2019, and arriving a year later to the Japanese market.

Honda Ne‍‍‍uV

The NeuV concept by Honda, whereby it comes with an AI named Hana. Yes, its more than just a Smart-lookalike city car that also comes equipped with the firm’s trademark Automated Network Assistant function with advanced driving mechanisation. What it can do is actually monitor facial expressions, suggesting whether it should take a break, tailoring all matters of driving characteristics, and even communicate with the driver itself to some extent.

Apart from boasting a humongous screen that runs throughout the entire dashboard, the NeuV comes with level four autonomous technology, and a nifty electric skateboard in the boot. Just in case if traffic is really bad and you need to get somewhere within the city. Impressive isn't it?


Honda Urban EV Concept

While the swanky Sports EV concept is targeted at the sportier demographic, the Urban EV concept on the other hand, is designed to offer the best experience at the wheel when it comes to daily driving. Aesthetically, it echoes the design language of the first generation Honda Civic — albeit made crisper and topped-off with a large grille with an in-built LCD info display that shows its charge level and occasional welcome note.

Apart from its smart packaging and similar AI setup found in its coupe cousin, the Urban EV concept also features a rather spacious and advance interior. Want one? Then do wait for its full production arrival in 2019.

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