We all know the Isuzu D-Max is a tough, go anywhere pick-up truck. The new X-Series treatment suits up this reliable workhorse with a sharp tuxedo.

We all know the Isuzu D-Max is a tough, go anywhere pick-up truck. The new X-Series treatment suits up this reliable workhorse with a sharp tuxedo.


Robust. Efficient. Dependable. These are time-honoured virtues of the Isuzu D-Max, and it is the bedrock upon which this model’s success is built over the years. The pick-up truck market today is flooded with choices aplenty, but the general consensus amongst people in the know is that if you want something that will take a tonne of abuse and costs no more than a penny to run, the D-Max is your car.


Word‍‍‍s by Kon

Indeed, the first-gen D-Max built quite a reputation for itself on the grounds of its parsimonious fuel consumption. Regular ‘Dura-Miles Challenge’ runs between Malaysia and Thailand see these vehicles effortlessly clock ridiculously long distances without needing to refuel. Bangkok to KL, Bangkok to Malacca, and even as far as Bangkok to Singapore …. the D-Max has done it on one tank of fuel. Proven.

‍‍‍The pick-up truck market has come a long way since the days o‍‍‍f the first D-Max, however. Consumers today want more than just a workhorse with their pick-ups – these vehicles are now being actively looked at as lifestyle choices and are expecting the kind of styling, sophistication, and refinement to rival regular passenger cars and SUVs. ‍‍

The second-generation D-Max has been with us for five years now, with a refreshed version introduced earlier this year adding new impetus to an already sleek and pleasant-looking design. You may be surprised to learn this, but Isuzu had actually put the D-Max through many hours of wind-tunnel testing to fine-tune its aerodynamics.

Isuzu offers a wide range of variants for potential D-Max customers. Entry-level variants offer themselves as no-frills workhorses whilst further up the range comes better equipment for the more discerning customers. The newly-launched limited edition D-Max X-Series comes indeed with all the amenities one expects of a modern car, but still underpinned by Isuzu’s traditionally robust engineering.



The X-Series subtly enhances the regular car’s already handsome appearance to carry a more sinister look. You can have it in white or black, and the differentiating touches include sticker strips running from the bonnet to the tailgate, front and rear body kit with contrast inserts up front, and grey-painted 18-inch alloys. The unmistakable call card would be the red Isuzu badge sitting proudly atop the special X-Series edition front grille.


Stepping into the X-Series’ cabin at night is quite an experience, thanks to aggressive red ambient foot well lighting. It’s no less impressive during the day, however. Black leather seats with red contrast inserts and stitching communicate an unmistakably sporty image and the red-finished Isuzu badge on the steering wheel reminds you everyday that you did not just buy a regular D-Max.

360-Degree Camera

The D-Max is a big car, with plenty of blind spots. The X-Series’ standard-fit 360-degree camera allow you to safely navigate tight spaces without worrying about objects, or worse, children and animals, hidden from your line of sight.

Built-in Smart Tag

Have you been stuck at the toll booth with a dead Smart Tag? No such problems for the X-Series. It has one built into it and runs off the car’s internal power supply. No need to worry about Smart Tag battery dying anymore. But remember to top up your Touch n’Go balance!

Puddle Light

A feature common in luxury vehicles, but likely to be more useful in a D-Max, that has far greater likelihood of being driven off the beaten track or situations where you definitely need to watch where you step before getting down.

‍‍‍‍‍‍Like the regular D-Max, the X-Series is offered with a choice of two turbodiesel powertrains that are renowned for low running costs and exceptio‍‍‍nal robustness. Both paired with 5-speed automatic transmissions as standard, buyers get to choose from either a 2.5-litre unit with 136PS and 320Nm, or a 3.0-litre with 177PS and 380Nm.

With its proven track record, the D-Max is an easy choice for pick-up buyers. It is, at is core, a dependable no-nonsense truck that will get you wherever you want to go, and further, without fuss or drama.

The X-Series treatment gives not only added style to this dependable workhorse, but also comes with a few touches that add to your daily motoring experience. A few little things in there to surprise and delight as you embark on your journey of ownership with it. And the fact that Isuzu’s only making 210 units of this thing mean that it’ll be rarer than many luxury cars as well!