Volvo’s first ever foray into the compact premium SUV segment yields the XC40, a product to set new standards of luxury and safety among its peers.

Volvo Cars is bringing a new standard of safety and user experience to the small SUV premium segment with the launch of the new XC40 in Malaysia. Developed around the challenges of modern city life, the XC40 aims to make the daily urban commute less stressful and more enjoyable, as drivers in the segment can now rely on the award-winning safety, connectivity and infotainment technologies known from Volvo’s acclaimed new 90- and 60 Series cars. Since its global launch in September 2017, the XC40 has become a massive success for Volvo in markets across the world. It arrives in Malaysia already boasting a lengthy CV of awards and overwhelming sales numbers.

‍‍‍• 2018 European Car of the Year

• EuroNCAP 2018 – 5 stars

• Nearly 40,000 units sold‍‍‍ from January to August 2018

• 80,000 orders collected as of May 2018

CMA – Stepping Stone to an Electrified Future‍‍‍

The XC40 is Volvo’s first model to be based on the Compact Modular Architecture (CMA), a smaller but equally advanced version of the company’s acclaimed Scalable Product Architecture (SPA). Whereas the SPA underpins the full range of 90- and 60 Series models, the CMA will serve as basis for Volvo’s upcoming family of compact vehicles.

R-Design - Sporty Expression of Your Individuality

Street fashion, city architecture, high-end designer goods, and popular culture were all sources of inspiration as Volvo’s design team defined materials, patterns, and colour options for the XC40.

Offering a broad and playful colour palette, the XC40 is the most expressive model in Volvo’s portfolio, reflecting the outgoing personalities of its drivers.

Smart Interior Design – The End of Clutter

Whilst developing the XC40, Volvo Cars’ customer research team spent considerable time investigating how city dwellers used their vehicles on a daily basis, paying particularly close attention to how belongings were stored inside their cars. Customers were asked how they would like to see the interiors of their cars improved.

It turned out that in regions and cities across the world, consumers found their cars wanting in the same thing – a chronic lack of satisfactory in-car storage solutions for small items: phones sliding around consoles, tapau bags at risk of falling over, and drivers having to fumble for their Smart Tags and Touch 'n Go cards.

A radical new approach taken to maximized storage space is to replace the traditional door-mounted speaker with a world-first air-ventilated dashboard sub-woofer. The result is a door pocket large enough to take in a whole laptop or a couple of water bottles.The XC40 also offers slots for credit and service cards that can be neatly inserted into the dashboard, making them readily available when needed. In the tunnel console, under the armrest, there is a large storage area with room for a tissue box. A special, removable bin allows convenient discarding of waste.

Towards Vision Zero – Safety is Standard

Volvo takes its commitment to road safety seriously, and the stated goal is for no one to be killed or seriously injured in a brand new Volvo from 2020 onwards. It is an objective pursued with resolute conviction, and on the XC40 it is expressed with the provision of class-leading safety equipment.

City Safety is offered standard across the board, as is the much-lauded Pilot Assist that has trickled down from the larger SPA platform cars. In its latest development, Volvo’s City Safety system has been fine-tuned to effectively detect pedestrians, cyclists, as well as other vehicles and automatically apply the vehicle’s brakes in the event an imminent collision is detected.

For the Malaysian market, the XC40 T5 comes standard in R-Design trim, giving its tough and youthful character an even more dynamic edge. Unique exterior design features of R-Design trim include black finishing on the front grille and side mirror, and Black Stone finish on the roof.

More than just looks, R-Design trim also lets the XC40 complement the class-leading performance offered by its 248hp T5 Drive-E engine with an uprated sport chassis that provides an even more agile and responsive drive without compromising comfort.

Developed concurrently with SPA, CMA allows Volvo Cars to offer customers the same type of premium engineering benefits as owners of its larger cars in a compact vehicle. Shared technologies between SPA and CMA include powertrain, infotainment, climate, data network, and safety systems.

Additionally, the CMA platform is conceptualized from the outset to embrace electrification, being able accommodate plug-in hybrid and fully electric powerplants as well as existing conventional petrol and diesel en‍‍‍gines.



Volvo X
C40 T5 R-Design AWD



1,969cc, four-cylinder turbocharged engine, petrol



All-wheel drive, 8-speed Geartronic automatic


Max Output

248bhp @ 5,500rpm



350Nm @ 1,800 – 4,800rpm


Fuel consumption (combined)

7.7 l/100km

CO2 Emission‍‍‍

166 g/km


0 – 100km/h

6.4 seconds


Max Speed

230 km/h