The Aurizn Awards Cars of Malaysia 2019 is back, and we are looking for judges.


In 2018, with the help of our peers from Autobuzz and Roda Pusing, we created Cars of Malaysia as a guide for consumers to select the best cars of every segment. A unique approach of our awards is our recognition of diversity where, instead of fixating on one winner, we select the best three.


For this year, however, we are looking for new judges, and we are inviting you, our esteemed readers, to help us with our judging process. In the form below is a list of all cars on sale in Malaysia segregated by category. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to select the best three cars in each category.


Voting period is fixed from 1st to 30th May 2019; the three highest scoring cars in each category will be declared as ‘best choices’ for that category.


Our findings will be announced on 31st May, following which we will be doing what we do best – celebrating the winners with a drive. Owners of the winning cars will be invited to join us and it will be an occasion not to be missed.


But until then, get voting, guys; and may the best cars win.