A ground-up redevelopment of a car that was not urgently in need of replacement. The all-new Mazda3 makes a bold effort to elevate itself into premium standing. The effort and attention-to-detail put into this car is utterly extraordinary.

The big jump in pricing will significantly shrink the pool of potential customers for this new Mazda3. We encourage you to think of this now as more of a Volkswagen Golf rather than Honda Civic rival. This is not a car for everybody, but if you can appreciate its craftsmanship and attention to detail, it justifies its ambitious price.

The Price

Well, this is a hard one. On one hand, there is no doubt that Mazda made a car that befit its elevated price tag, but it's still a sizable jump from the predecessor. 

Rear A/C

It's available, but only for the 2.0-litre models. Should be standard. 

1.5-litre base model For its price of RM140k, the base model has much catching up to do with its modest 118hp outputs.

205/60 R16, 215/45 R18

Front - Ventilated Discs

Rear - Solid Discs

Front - MacPherson Strut

Rear - Torsion Beam

Inline-4, Direct Injection


6-speed automatic

51L, Petrol

1,361 – 1,402kg

295 - 444L

SkyActiv-G Petrol Engines – 1.5 & 2.0-litre

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What's Good

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What's Not

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To Buy or

Not To Buy


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What’s this?

4,660mm (+200mm)


Interest Rate



LED headlamps standard

Mazda Connect Infotainment

7" TFT Instrument Cluster

7 airbags

Mazda i-ActivSense (Plus only)

Adaptive Front Lighting

High Beam Control

Blind Spot Monitoring

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Lane Keep Assist


Just. Look. At. It. 


The new Mazda3 just reeks of quality all over. It just feels exquisitely finished. Paintwork as beautiful lustre, whilst the cabin exude impeccable plushness in its selection of materials. Fit and finish feel top notch too. It is here that Mazda makes its most convincing case into being considered as a bona fide premium maker.  


The outgoing 3 was noisy. Mazda heard you and made quietness and refinement a major priority in developing this new 3. 

Predictable Handling

Mazda never made their cars to be darting sharp, but there is a natural feel to the way Mazdas flow organically as you steer them through a series of bends. The new Mazda3 stays through to the philosophy of Jinba Ittai, and is tuned to be a car that feels like a natural extension of your body when on the move.


1.5 - 118 @ 6,000


1.5 - 153 @ 4,000

2.0 - 162 @ 6,000

RM1,399.52 / month

RM1,518.86 / month

Honda Civic TC-P

1.5 Mid

2.0 High

RM1,632.43 / month



- 2019 -


Fully imported from Japan

The all-new Mazda3 is the first model to use Mazda’s new generation SkyActiv-Vehicle Architecture.

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All-New from Ground Up

SkyActiv-Vehicle Architecture.


• Keeps pelvis upright


• Diagonal rigidity increased

• Damping function added


• Increased longitudinal rigidity for linear energy transmission


• Reduce vertical spring to better absorb vibrations and enhance damping

Whilst made more rigid overall, ‘soft spots’ such as damping nodes and damping bonds are cleverly placed at various parts of the chassis to reduce transmission of sound through the body structure.

2.0 - 210 @ 4,000

2,725mm (± 0mm)

1,440mm (+5mm)


1,795mm (± 0mm)


2,725mm (± 0mm)

4,660mm (+200mm)

1,795mm (± 0mm)

1,435mm (-5mm)



2.0 High Plus


2.0 High


1.5 Mid


2.0 High Plus



1.5 Mid


2.0 High Plus

RM1,741.02 / month

VW Golf 1.4 TSI

RM1,893.51 / month

Lane Departure Warning

Drowsiness Detection

Autonomous Emergency Braking (Front & Rear)

Radar-Guided Cruise Control