Much like the skin on our body, the paintwork is what protects the sheetmetal of our cars from the harshnesses of the environment. As the car is subject to use, so is the paintwork accordingly subject to wear and tear.

But unlike the mechanical and electrical components, the paintwork of our cars are rarely serviced. When neglected, and yet exposed to the elements, the result is that our car’s paint gradually fades and loses its lustre. This is in addition to stone chips, scratches, dings, and various other battle scars that progressively deteriorate the car’s appearance.

So, What's Best Protection?

Introducing Marvelous AI Skin, an innovative new product from Germany to preserve the radiance of your car.

The Future of Paint Protection

For discerning motorists, many products and techniques have been developed to shield and protect the paintwork of their cars, the most popular solutions being paint protection films (PPF) and ceramic coating.

Amidst the eternal debate between the pros and cons of PPF versus ceramic coating, comes a third alternative,

MARVELOUSLess than RM10k

In its application, Marvelous is sprayed onto your vehicle in liquid form. It offers the superior protection effect of PPF at the lower cost of ceramic coating; literally, the best of both worlds.

The lustre and beauty of Marvelous AI Skin is protected by a warranty of five years. If the skin loses its shine after five years, only the uppermost layer of three layers need to be reapplied, meaning cost of reapplication is much lower compared to conventional PPFs.


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an innovative product from Germany.




Cost effective

Self healing

Able to apply on tiny and complex surfaces

Self heals against scratches

Super glossy shine

Protect against heat

Hydrophobic surface

Makes car easier to clean

Resistant to swirl marks

Self heal against swirl marks

No dismantling of vehicle exterior components

One week curing period


Protects against bigger stone chips

Protects paint from water and chemical stains