Why EvoClub Car Wash?

EvoClub Car Wash is created to enable people who want a small business either to generate supplementary income or to serve as replacement income for those who lost their jobs in these difficult times.


How is EvoClub Car Wash different from other existing car washes?

EvoClub Car Wash uses ProNano, a new age car care product from The Netherlands which requires no scrubbing at all, allowing cars to be cleaned extremely quickly and not tiring for workers. Business owners can therefore cut down on manpower requirement whilst speeding up turnaround time, saving costs whilst increasing profits.


I don’t know anything about running a business.

We understand many are first time ventures into your very own business that's why we have step by step guidance on how to use the products, and we will provide step by step guidance to ensure your business thrives. Lastly, you get free marketing from us at Aurizn as well. We want to help interested parties that want to venture a risk free, high income, recession proof business. Moreover, with the technology we are applying, we have also reduced the chances of distrust from happening between workers and investors due to the nature of using mobile apps for booking and payment.


Is the equipment covered by warranty?

All equipment are purchased brand new from suppliers at a cost-to-cost rate for all parties that signed up to Evoclub Car Wash. Standard warranty of 1 year applies.


Can we operate EvoClub Car Wash outside Klang Valley?

EvoClub Car Wash is available nationwide and can be operated either from retail shop lot or mobile on private car, pick-up truck, or van. A leasing package of a mobile van complete with water tank and generator is also available.


What’s the pros and cons of opening a shop vs mobile setup?

We have partners that took up retail shops, with renovation in, they are looking at RM100k easily for one shoplot. We also have partners that didn't need a mobile van because they have their own vehicle to operate the business from. For mobile van operators, you may choose to start with the basic RM8,000 package or you can also take up the RM15,000 package which comes with a lot more equipment and solutions and consumables to conduct more services that are highly profitable.


What vehicle can we use for the mobile car wash setup?

If you decide to use a private vehicle to run your mobile car wash, then you may be able to provided standard car wash services without the need for a water tank or generator. But you will be limited to accepting customers from their home as you will need to plug into their power supply and water supply.  If you have a pickup truck, you can then equip your pickup truck with a water tank and a power generator to be able to wash buses or trucks or excavators or other heavy vehicles that even shops couldn't. These are highly profitable as they range from RM120 per wash.

If you want a large water tank that can wash up to 30 cars, you may even choose the Mobile Van at a rental of RM2,500 per month (first payment would include 2 months fully refundable deposit + 1 month advance rental) and the van's contract is annual renewal. Driver of the van will need to carry a GDL license, which can be obtained at any JPJ-approved driving school. The process: take a simple medical exam at any clinic, attend a 7-hr theory class, written exam the following week, and you’ll get your license a week later.


What are the charges for the mobile van rental?

Through a special 'bulk lease' agreement by Symphony Autocare, our partner and the exclusive distributor of ProNano, you can lease the mobile van for just RM2,500 per month, lower than market rate for similar packages, and much lower than renting a ground floor shoplot. The leasing company will take care of maintenance, road tax, insurance, even assist in finding a replacement in the event of an accident repair. Your only additional expense in running the vehicle is fuel. Of course, like any rental, 2 months fully refundable deposit + 1 month advance rental would have to be paid at the beginning and the contract will be annual renewal.


How does the app work?

The app is location-based, and shows customers the presence of all nearby EvoClub Car Wash outlets and mobile units up to a 10km vicinity. Customers have the freedom of choosing their operator and book their preferred appointment slots that are still available and pay from the app immediately upon choosing the required service. A 10% charge will be applied to all bookings made through the app.


Can we advertise other businesses on the exterior of the van?

The EvoClub Car Wash mobile van must carry the standard graphic visuals provided by EvoClub. For additional placement of visuals, kindly refer to evoclubcarwash@aurizn.com


I would like to invest in the business, but can’t operate it myself, and I can’t find someone else to run it for me.

This is why EvoClub Car Wash was created at the first place, we have a Partnership program where we queue up the investors and queue up the operators on a first come first serve basis. Then we will pair up according to region, and enter a Partnership agreement of splitting the profits by:

• Investor: 50%

• Operator: 30%

• EvoClub: 20%

The investor will start to receive profit from the business after the third month upon deduction of costs of operations including fuel, rental of the van, additional equipment (gloves, cloths etc) and the profit split between EvoClub, Operator and Investor.

Operator begins to draw earnings from business immediately. For the first five months, the operator's income will depend on the daily business it generates and operators will be paid weekly. By the 6th month as business settles into a regular pattern, a provision of basic monthly salary for the operator will be included into the monthly costs, upon which after the deduction of operating costs, the profit split will take place once a month.

The structure is designed as such to ensure the operator’s survival as the business hasn't gain momentum. In every month, 10% of revenue will contribute to replenishment funds (soap, wax, consumable products). To protect investors in return, the operator must be able to cover the cost of operations by the 2nd month failing which the investor and EvoClub reserves the right to remove the operator.

The operator salary is managed by EvoClub for investors who choose to enter the partnership programme in which EvoClub actively recruits the operator and assists with managing the A-to-Z of the business. In the case of an investor who hires his/her own operator/worker and manages the business himself/herself, arrangement of payment is entirely between investor and operator and therefore will not enter into the EvoClub Car Wash partnership scheme, which is similar to the Retail shop scheme.


Do we need to register a company with SSM?

Registration with SSM is not necessary if you are operating the mobile unit, but will be needed if your business operates from a retail shop. This is because if you operate a retail shop, you are then signing up Evoclub car wash purely for the marketing support and App Payment Gateway and booking convenience. You won't be entering into the Investor / Operator scheme for mobile car wash, with which Evoclub runs the mobile fleets while allowing investors to come on board and operators to come on board for the ride.


How do I start?

Pay a RM2,000 deposit to confirm order of all equipment, preparation of training materials, and contract. Once everything is prepared, you will be contacted to make the remaining payments. Whilst waiting for equipment and stocks to arrive, training courses and step-by-step guidance will be provided. Once the equipment and stocks arrive, they will be immediately made ready for collection by the investor. Once business starts, your business will receive free continuous promotion by EvoClub and will be added in to the EvoClub app through which customers can book your service online.


After the initial RM8,000 start-up cost, will there be ongoing running costs incurred after?

All businesses incur running costs, which vary according to your location and setup. You will need to consider shop rental, electricity, and water supply. In the case of the mobile service, there will be fuel. Maintenance of the van is covered if you take our special van leasing package. Manpower cost is at the business owner’s discretion – you can choose to pay a flat monthly salary or a lower basic with commission per car as added motivation. As an indicator, most roadside car washes pay RM50 per worker per day.


How much returns can I expect from my investment?

A projected revenue of RM20k revenue is possible solely from the initial replenishable car care products and cleaning equipment that you will receive from the RM8,000 investment. We are able to provide projected revenue based on the amount of cleaning products you replenish, but monthly and yearly projections depend entirely on the operator’s diligence and tenacity in serving as many clients as he/she manages.


What happens when our ProNano cleaning solutions run out? Do we restock in bulk or item by item?

You may purchase through the Evoclub Car Wash App later on when it is live. Item by item. You don't have to pay one lump sum.


Can we operate during MCO?

EvoClub Car Wash is categorized as a house-to-house cleaning service. Commercial vans are allowed to operate, but do have your permission letter handy at the police road blocks. Lastly, EvoClub Car Wash is safer for everybody as the owner only needs to leave the car unlocked at a reasonably open space and the car can be washed without the owner’s presence. There isn’t even the need to hand over the keys as there won’t be any starting or driving of the customer’s car at all.




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