Whilst we were already unpacking our stuff, Evo Enduro 2018 continued a whil‍‍‍e longer for Suresh and his Lotus.

Five days, 2,600km. That’s the length of time and distance we covered for this year’s Evo Enduro from Kuala Lumpur to Hua Hin. For many, that’s a fair bit of driving, but for some, it’s not quite enough.

Evo Enduro is a celebration of driving and none, not any of us from the EvoLTN team, can quite match Suresh’s unquenchable thirst of driving.

After successfully completing the KL-Hua Hin run in just one day with his Lotus Elise, Suresh’s idea of a rest on Day 2 was to hit the go-kart track.

And, as all of us packed up and headed home, Suresh pushed further north, past Bangkok and on to Chiang Mai. Most of us had already finished unpacking our‍‍‍ luggage by the time he hit the legendary Mae Hong Son Loop.


It was 11 August by the time Suresh returned to Malaysia, a full eleven days after departing from Wearnes Autohaus, the Lotus had reached home. This indomitable combo of man and machine had covered nearly 6,000km and they seem to be still hungry for more!

From Mae Hong Son, Suresh then pushed on a clockwise loop circling Thailand, passing through Khon Kaen and, would you believe it, more track time at the Chang International Circuit of Buriram.

Skirting past the Thai-Cambodia border, Suresh was finally homeward bound, passing through Bangkok before tracing the path most of us had already completed several days p‍‍‍rior.

Evo Enduro 2018 Feature

Words by ‍‍‍‍‍‍Kon‍‍‍