Introducing the Ferrari 12Cilindri, Maranello’s latest masterpiece, a two-seater berlinetta featuring a mid-front-mounted, naturally-aspirated V12 engine, unveiled today


The Ferrari 12Cilindri epitomizes the essence of the Prancing Horse, delivering unparalleled performance, handling, and sophisticated design|

Targeted towards enthusiasts of the iconic V12 engine, the 830-cv Ferrari 12Cilindri draws inspiration from Ferrari’s Gran Turismo cars of the 1950s and ‘60s, combining race-bred driving excitement with versatility


The grand unveiling took place at an exclusive event hosted in Miami Beach (Florida, USA)

Powering the Ferrari 12Cilindri is the latest iteration of the iconic V12 engine, boasting an impressive 830 cv and a maximum rev limit of 9500 rpm. Its robust power curve ensures exhilarating acceleration, with 80% of torque available at a mere 2500 rpm, delivering instantaneous response and a relentless surge of power throughout the rev range. Inside the cockpit, both driver and passenger are treated to unparalleled comfort, enhanced by a panoramic glass roof, luxurious materials, and advanced display systems.

Since 1947, one motif has captivated Prancing Horse aficionados: the naturally-aspirated, mid-front-mounted V12 engine, which marked Ferrari’s inaugural roar from the Maranello gates. Unveiled amidst the breath taking backdrop of Miami Beach, in commemoration of Ferrari’s 70th anniversary in the American market, the Ferrari 12Cilindri represents the natural progression of the brand’s unwavering commitment to powertrain excellence. Rooted in its original DNA and core values, Ferrari has meticulously crafted this latest marvel, ensuring a seamless fusion of tradition and innovation.



The Ferrari 12Cilindri boasts a radical departure from its predecessors, with clean lines and sculpted forms exuding a sense of sophistication and dynamism. Designed by Flavio Manzoni and the Ferrari Styling Centre, the car’s exterior features a harmonious blend of elegance and aerodynamic efficiency. From the muscular rear wing to the sleek bonnet, every detail is meticulously crafted to enhance performance and aesthetics.


The aerodynamics of the Ferrari 12Cilindri are optimized for both performance and elegance, with signature elements such as active aerodynamics and rear flaps enhancing stability and downforce. From the sleek nolder on the boot lid to the vortex generators on the underbody, every aspect of the car’s design is engineered to maximize efficiency and agility.


Equipped with state-of-the-art dynamic controls, including brake-by-wire and four-wheel independent steering, the Ferrari 12Cilindri offers unparalleled agility and precision. The chassis, featuring a 20-mm reduction in wheelbase compared to its predecessor, is meticulously engineered to optimize torsional rigidity and weight distribution, ensuring exceptional handling and stability.


The all-aluminium chassis of the Ferrari 12Cilindri is a masterpiece of engineering, with a focus on torsional rigidity and weight reduction. By utilizing advanced casting techniques and recycled materials, Ferrari has created a chassis that delivers uncompromising performance while minimizing environmental impact.


The heart of the Ferrari 12Cilindri is the F140HD engine, a refined version of the iconic naturally-aspirated Ferrari V12. With cutting-edge engineering, including titanium con rods and a redesigned crankshaft, the engine delivers unparalleled performance while reducing weight and inertia. Innovative features such as sliding finger followers and Aspirated Torque Shaping ensure smooth power delivery and dynamic performance, setting new benchmarks for naturally-aspirated engines.


Inside, the Ferrari 12Cilindri’s cabin is a symphony of luxury and innovation, with a dual-cockpit layout inspired by Ferrari’s heritage. Sustainable materials such as recycled polyester Alcantara© are used extensively, reflecting Ferrari’s commitment to environmental responsibility. The interior design focuses on creating a seamless blend of form and function, with intuitive controls and advanced display systems ensuring an immersive driving experience.


The cooling system of the Ferrari 12Cilindri is designed to ensure optimal performance under any conditions, with advanced technologies such as brake cooling ducts and front underbody evacuation enhancing thermal efficiency and aerodynamic performance. By carefully managing airflow and heat dissipation, Ferrari has created a car that delivers uncompromising performance without sacrificing comfort or reliability.


Developed in collaboration with Michelin and Goodyear, the tires of the Ferrari 12Cilindri are designed to deliver maximum grip and performance in all conditions. Extensive testing and simulation have resulted in improved dry and wet grip, reduced rolling resistance, and enhanced comfort, setting new standards for front-engined V12 berlinettas.

The Ferrari 12Cilindri pays homage to the legendary Grand Tourers of the 1950s and ‘60s, embodying Ferrari’s mission of front-mounted V12 two-seater perfection, blending elegance, versatility, and performance effortlessly. It stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of its predecessors while elevating itself to new heights in performance, comfort, and design. With its sleek silhouette exuding athleticism and sophistication, the 12Cilindri features integrated active aerodynamics, a front-hinged bonnet revealing the engine bay, and signature twin tailpipes emblematic of Ferrari’s 12-cylinder lineage.

Designed for discerning enthusiasts seeking unparalleled performance, comfort, and design, the Ferrari 12Cilindri caters to longstanding Ferraristi as well as newcomers yearning for a blend of Italian craftsmanship and thrilling driving experiences. It embodies Ferrari’s enduring legacy, truly earning its status as a car for the connoisseurs.



Dimensions and Weight

Type: V12 – 65° – Dry sump

Length: 4733 mm

Overall displacement: 6496 cm3

Width: 2176 mm

Bore and strok:e 94 mm x 78 mm

Height: 1292 mm

Max. power output*: 830 cv @ 9250 rpm

Wheelbase: 2700 mm

Max. torque: 678 Nm @ 7250 rpm

Front track: 1686 mm

Max. revs: 9500 rpm

Rear track: 1645 mm

Compression ratio: 13.5:1

Dry weight**: 1560 kg

Specific power output: 128 cv/l

Dry weight-power ratio: 1.88 kg/cv

Weight distribution: 48.4% front / 51.6% rear

Fuel tank capacity: 92 litres


Front: 398 x 223 x 38 mm

Rear: 360 x 233 x 32 mm

Transmission and Gearbox

8-speed DCT

Electronic Controls

SSC 8.0: TC, eDiff, SCM, PCV 3.0, FDE 2.0, EPS, ABS Evo in all Manettino positions, 6D sensor,performance ABS/ABD

* With 98 RON petrol, including 5 cv dynamic ram effect

** With optional lightweight content

*** WLTC – Combined Cycle

Tyres and Wheels

Front: 275/35 R21 J10.0

Rear: 315/35 R21 J11.5


Max. speed: > 340 km/h

0-100 km/h: 2.9 s

0-200 km/h: <7.9 s

100-0 km/h: 31.4 m

200-0 km/h: 122.0 m

Boot size: 270 litres