Protective solutions for automotive use, be it from the weather or from prying eyes. Glastec offers complete protection for you and your loved ones.

Spectra-Select Technology

Unsurpassed heat rejection performance is achieved by using precious metals to form the best barriers to reflect infrared radiation (IR), ultraviolet (UV), and visible light. GlasTec Signature utilises a combination of precious metals such as gold and chromium to provide its own natural colour, building a reflective surface that enhances the vehicle’s exterior with a premium look while providing privacy and maintaing high visibility for occupants.

Know Your Tint

In selecting the right film for your needs, it is important to accurately evaluate the performance properties of the film you select. Two parameters are of particular importance:

- Heat rejection: The film’s ability to reflect heat from the outside. This is to keep your cabin temperature as low as possible on a hot day.

- Heat dispersion: The film’s ability to facilitate quick release of heat already trapped inside the vehicle to the surroundings. This is how quickly can your vehicle be cooled down by the air-con when the interior is already hot.  

Amidst Malaysia’s hot and humid tropical weather, window films are no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Effective protection from the scathing effects of sunlight ensures not only a comfortable drive, but also the following benefits:

- Running costs: lower fuel consumption due to reduced air-con use.

- Vehicle longevity: Slows down degradation of interior plastics.

- Health: Reduce exposure to harmful UV rays.

- Security: Reduce risk of vehicle break-ins.

Good quality window films ensure effective protection for you and your vehicle under all conditions. GlasTec offers an appealing variety of quality window films to suit the needs of all Malaysian motorists.


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Solar Protection

Security Protection

Blocks UVA and UVB that causes skin damage leading to premature aging, skin cancer development, and sunburn.

Reduces and reflects maximum heat from light, at the same time providing high visible light transmission. Provides invisible protection, thus maintaining original look of the vehicles.

Reduces heat by splitting and diverting light. Provides unparalleled heat dispersion effects. Cools down vehicles parked under the hot sun in as fast as 45 seconds.

An invisible shield protecting your vehicle’s interior from fading and damages caused by sunlight.

Basic film technology by using film layer to absorb light, thereby preventing most heat from entering through glass.

SecureTec1 technology provides security protection in accidents and theft scenarios by strengthening glass by up to 30% and supporting it in event of breakage. This ensures level security protection for vehicle occupants.

Provides GSA-certified bomb blast protection in addition to Securi technology.


GlasTec provides complete tint solutions for every client, customer, and user. From basic heat absorbing technologies to complex heat-dispersing products, we satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Alpha 3.0

Asia's first Nano-PET - Ceramic window film, Glastec Alpha provides superior hear dispersion and optimum heat rejection performance.



Combination of aluminium sputtering and dye layers to blend performance with pleasant aesthetics.

From RM1,799

From RM2,999

From RM3,399


Omega 2.0

Blending Spectra-Select with Nano-Ceramic technology, GlasTec Omega offers maximum heat performance by combining nano-technology with multi-layers of premium metals.