In the ever-evolving landscape of automotive design and engineering, certain models stand out not only for their performance but for the cultural resonance they create. The Toyota 86, often hailed as a beacon of driving purity, continues to capture the hearts of enthusiasts even years after its initial release, which has become a canvas for personalization and a symbol of grassroots motorsport culture. In a world where high-performance cars seem to be constantly vying for attention, there's something refreshing about a vehicle that prioritizes the driving experience above all else. Enter the Toyota GR86, a car that has been causing quite a stir among enthusiasts for its sheer brilliance on the road.

The GR86 stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of the sports car ethos. Its blend of driving purity, and timeless design continues to captivate enthusiasts of all ages. As automotive trends evolve and technology advances, the essence of the GR86 remains steadfast, a beacon of driving enjoyment in an ever-changing world. For those seeking a true driving experience, the Toyota GR86 beckons with open arms, ready to ignite the passion for the open road once more.

From the moment you set foot in the GR86, it's evident that Toyota has poured its heart and soul into crafting an unparalleled driving experience. The chassis is sublime, offering a perfect balance between agility and stability. With its front-engine, rear-wheel-drive setup and low centre of gravity courtesy of the boxer engine, the GR86 feels planted and composed through corners. But what truly sets the GR86 apart is its ability to communicate with the driver. The steering, though electronic, provides ample feedback, allowing you to place the car with precision. The brakes inspire confidence, providing ample stopping power when you need it most.

Despite its focus on performance, the GR86 doesn't compromised on practicality. With a spacious interior and a surprisingly accommodating trunk, it's more than capable of serving as a daily driver. And while road noise can be a bit intrusive on longer journeys, it's a small price to pay for the sheer enjoyment that the GR86 provides behind the wheel. From the ergonomic seating position to the intuitive layout of controls, every detail seemed meticulously crafted to foster a connection between driver and machine. Despite some minor criticisms regarding material quality, the overall ambiance exuded a sense of purpose and focus on the driving task at hand.

Step inside, and you'll find thoughtful touches like the combined centre console and cup holder – seemingly small details that maximize utility without sacrificing convenience. The glove box may not be cavernous, but its design reflects a keen understanding of everyday needs, offering versatility that adapts to your lifestyle. Practicality isn't just about numbers; it's about adaptability, functionality, and a touch of ingenuity. And in these regards, the Toyota GR86 proves itself a worthy companion for daily adventures, whether on the road or in unexpected situations, like aiding in a house move. So, if you've ever doubted the feasibility of a sports car as a daily driver, think again. The GR86 is here to challenge perceptions and redefine what it means to be practical.

Upon its debut in 2012, the Toyota 86 made waves with its spirited driving dynamics and homage to its legendary predecessor, the AE86. Under the visionary leadership of Akio Toyoda, Toyota aimed to resurrect the ethos of pure, unadulterated driving pleasure. This ethos, as recounted in the review, remains palpable in every aspect of the 86's design and performance. Behind the wheel, the new generation Toyota GR86 truly comes alive. Its responsive steering, immediate throttle response, and agile handling instil confidence in the driver, inviting them to explore the limits of traction and control. The visceral feedback from the boxer engine, coupled with the engaging driving dynamics, creates an exhilarating driving experience that transcends mere performance metrics. In a world obsessed with horsepower figures and lap times, the Toyota GR86 serves as reminder of the basic fundamentals of front engine, rear wheel drive pleasure found in driving. It's not about outright speed or dominance on the track but rather the connection forged between man and machine on the open road.

And while it may not have the brute straight-line acceleration of some of its competitors, the GR86 more than makes up for it with its prowess in the bends. One of the most exhilarating aspects of driving the GR86 is its propensity for controlled oversteer. Thanks to its finely-tuned suspension and limited-slip differential, the GR86 is a drift machine, capable of sliding through corners with grace and precision through its narrow skinny 215mm 18 inches tyres. Whether you're a seasoned drift enthusiast or a novice looking to hone your skills, the GR86 offers endless thrills on the track. While the automatic transmission may be competent, true enthusiasts will undoubtedly opt for the manual gearbox. With perfectly spaced ratios and a satisfyingly mechanical feel, the manual transmission elevates the driving experience to new heights. It's the connection between man and machine that defines the essence of driving pleasure, and the GR86 delivers in spades.

At first glance, the GR86's 227 litres of boot space might raise some eyebrows, numbers alone don't tell the whole story. With the rear seats folded down, a seemingly impossible task becomes manageable. Luggage, water machines, car wash supplies, and even a pressure washer find their place snugly, proving that where there's a will, there's space in the GR86. Sure, the rear seats might not accommodate adults comfortably, but as a secondary boot space, they shine. And let's not forget the clever use of cabin space for additional storage, making every inch count.

In a market saturated with high-powered sports cars, the Toyota GR86 stands out as a beacon of driving purity. It's a car that celebrates the essence of what it means to be a sports car: engaging, exhilarating, and above all, fun. So if you find yourself torn between the allure of a BMW M2 or a Supra, do yourself a favour and give the GR86 a test drive. You may just find that it's everything you've been looking for in a driver's car.



237 PS


250 Nm

Max Torque

DOHC (D-4S Direct and Port Injection System)

Boxer 4-cylinder