Cars are more than a mode of transport, they are expressions of ourselves, our sanctuaries from life’s daily grinds as we brave the journey from work to the welcoming embrace of our homes.

As enthusiasts, we settle for nothing but to give our cars the best possible care. EvoClub Car Wash is more than just a car wash. We are your companion in your car care journey that begins with the basic regular washing of your car to providing full enhancement and restoration solutions plus maintenance advice.

Everytime your car comes in, we do more than just wash it; the trained eyes of our crew are always on the lookout for scratches on the body, leaks in the engine bay, depth of your tyre treads, and even thickness of your brake pads.

From our deep love of cars, we pamper your ride with care and attention like no other.

Whether it’s your workhorse, or the culmination of a dream, your car deserves your best care; which is why we are working with the best car care products in the business.

We are partnered with Sonax, the world’s leading brand in car care. Through this collaboration, our crew has access to not only the best products, but also expert training to ensure that we are able to give you the best level of car care in the business.

Adhering to the strictest European chemical policy and regulations, Sonax products are engineered to be safe not only on your vehicles, but also our health and environment.

The Car Wash by Car Guys, for Car Guys!

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We are situated inside the premises of Prestige Car Care Bhd at Jalan Empat, off Chan Sow Lin. If you're coming along Jalan Sg. Besi from KL, turn in when you see the Porsche showroom.

Leveraging on our strong network in the automotive retail and service industry, we have forged strategic partnerships that allow us to offer you a far wider range of services than your normal car wash.

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Lot 4, Jalan Empat, Chan Sow Lin, 55200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.






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Lot 4, Jalan Empat, Chan Sow Lin, 55200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.

012-488 0367

Professional Inspection and Diagnosis

Each car has its own pattern of usage and hence requires different levels of care. Our Pit Crew team is trained to perform a thorough inspection of your vehicle and suggest suitable care solutions that give you the best possible results.

Our Services

Premium Car Wash

Protect and maintain your car with our detailed wash methodology powered by Sonax’s award-winning car care products.

Paint Treatment and Grooming

Enhance the gloss of your car with our polishing and paint correction services from our professionally-trained crew.

Deep Interior Cleaning

We have the expertise to open up and re-install car interiors to thoroughly deep clean your car’s interior. Also, our interior cleaning products are test-certified by accredited institutions in Germany to be safe for use with all cabin materials.

Durable Ceramic Coating with Sonax’s Advanced Si-Carbon Technology

Next generation ceramic coating forming giving strong yet flexible protective layers to your paint, giving it the ultimate gloss with velvety smoothness. Protection is more durable too, as the layers bind seamlessly with the paint’s clear coat.

Undercarriage Cleaning

Often the dirtiest, yet least often clean spots of your car. The undercarriage bears the brunt of your car’s daily wear and tear, and we have the expertise to get under your car and clean it all up. A clean undercarriage not only gives your car a fresher look, but also allows quicker spotting of fluid leaks.

Car Care Consultation

Need to solve issues with your car, but too busy in your schedule? Let us help you sort it all out. From regular car maintenance, simple repairs, body & paint work, all the way to various ways to enhance your vehicle, we can connect the dots for you through a single point of contact.

See our list of services and pricing here

Too busy to send your car in for a wash? Don’t worry, we send a driver to you, pick your car up then return it fully washed, whilst you carry on with your daily routine. As our service provider, 21 North provides us with a crew of trained drivers that follow strict SOPs, with GPS trackers, and each trip covered by transit insurance for complete convenience and peace-of-mind.

Revitalize your car’s interior with our seat re-upholstering packages. Choose from synthetic to pure leather and nappa with virtually unlimited customization options.

Complete protection for your car interior against solar rays and security threats.

Unleash higher performance in your car without compromising reliability.

The pioneer of Autofoam chassis treatment in Malaysia since 1999. Proven solutions that improve the refinement and handling of your vehicle immediately.

Raise the brightness of your headlamps with the latest LED and Laser illumination technology. Ground-up reconstruction of your car’s headlights to give it a clean factory look whilst enhancing its lighting performance.

Looking out of production parts to run your classic car? We have the ability to fabricate a new one for you with cutting edge additive manufacturing technology. Restore your car; enhance your car with us!