You can now book your next car wash through EvoClub! In partnership with Symphony Autocare, we bring you the next evolution of car washing service.

Symphony Autocare is the official distributor of ProNano car care products in Malaysia. Made in The Netherlands, ProNano products are certified through the most stringent European standards – safe for your car and the environment, yet powerfully effective in its cleaning properties.

The car wash that comes to you

For those who lead busy lives, or with too many cars to bring one at a time to the car wash, why not have the car wash come to you?

The EvoClub Mobile Car Wash vans are fully equipped to perform comprehensive car cleaning processes, including interior cleaning, right at your doorstep.

Why wash with EvoClub Car Wash?

ProNano products are engineered with nanotechnology. They clean stubborn stains effectively in fully contactless fashion.

Soap sprayed evenly throughout your car.

Crew begins car wash with water spray.

Quick process

Less queuing and waiting.

No scrubbing needed

Reduced risk of micro-scratching on paintwork.

More attention

Fewer people working on your car.

Free up precious time for your family, work, and hobbies.

Stay safe at home!

less than 10 minutes 'kow tim'

A business opportunity

As we struggle through the economic fallout of Covid-19, many of us face the bleak reality trying to rebuild our lives amidst lost jobs or reduced income.

Navigating through these uncertain times, we are delighted to present EvoClub Car Wash as a business opportunity providing a recession-proof service.

Low start-up cost

Business packages from as low as RM8,000!

Free marketing

Reach Aurizn’s massive audience and EvoClub’s large membership.


All bookings and payments made cashless through dedicated mobile app.

Quick recuperation

Profitable within a month!

This business opportunity is underpinned by a great product that is engineered to maximize your productivity. Thanks to the quick and contactless cleaning properties of ProNano:

Fast turnaround

Spend less time per car.

Optimize manpower

More productive.

Think big

Opportunity to wash large vehicles.



A menu of flexible business packages at various cost levels are available to suit a variety of operating models, whether in a fixed shop front or mobile van to provide door-to-door service.

Reseller Package(Only Products)

For existing car washes seeking to expand their variety of products or retailers looking to sell ProNano products to end users.

Package prices


Entrepreneur Package(Products with Tools)

Start a new car wash business from scratch exclusively using ProNano products with equipment provided.

Package prices


Mobile Package(Van, Products with Tools)

Bring your business to the customer! Save on shop rental and go anywhere. Super flexible and if you need a van, we can arrange a special leasing rate for you!

Package prices






Sign up for your shot at this business opportunity in the EvoClub portal today!

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