Michelin, the world’s leading tire company, recently hosted the MICHELIN BRAND EXPERIENCE 2023 at Sepang International Circuit, a welcome return after a two-year hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The three-day event featured exclusive opportunities to experience the new MICHELIN Pilot Sport 5 and the MICHELIN SUV+ tires first-hand.

“Our core values are key differentiators that set us apart in the global tire industry, as we aim to work towards leaving minimal impact on the planet but maximum value for our customers in every product, service and initiative we offer,” - Dangrojana.

Managing Director of Michelin Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, Prichapakorn Dangrojana said, “We are thrilled to be hosting our first experiential event since the pandemic, as it gives us a chance to not only reconnect with our network of dealers but also the wider community that has been supportive of Michelin over the years. With the MICHELIN BRAND EXPERIENCE 2023, we hope to showcase the two core components of our Michelin DNA - Innovation and Sustainability, as exemplified by the new MICHELIN Pilot Sport 5 and the MICHELIN Primacy SUV+ tires that are designed for maximum longevity and performance.”

Exemplifying ‘Performance Made to Last’ at the Michelin Brand Experience 2023

With support from official vehicle partner, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia, over 215 members of the media, dealers as well as employees from MICHELIN’s network were treated to an exhilarating ‘Ride and Drive’ experience where the new Michelin tires were put to the test – exemplifying Michelin’s promise of ‘Performance Made to Last’.

The MICHELIN BRAND EXPERIENCE 2023 offered guests a range of exhilarating driving activities including a gymkhana session with the MICHELIN Pilot Sport 5 tires, where drivers could experience firsthand the superior grip and handling of the tires on tight corners and wet surfaces. An on-road test drive outside of Sepang Circuit of the MICHELIN Primacy SUV+ tires also demonstrated its unparalleled long-lasting comfort, along with a wet/worn demonstration of the MICHELIN Pilot Sport 5 & MICHELIN Primacy SUV+ to show its braking abilities against several tires from competitor brands on a wet surface.

Other unique experiences for guests include driving around the North Sepang Circuit, accompanied by certified Michelin instructors, as well as sim-racing with driving simulators – as part of Michelin’s initiative for all-inclusive mobility.

Diversifying the Portfolio with Innovation in Sustainable Mobility

“Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Michelin continues to innovate for better, greener technology in our new tires, keeping in mind the importance of mobility that was restricted for so many in the last few years. While we work towards providing the best tires in the passenger segment, we also strive to uphold our 'Share of Mobility' pledge to offer a wider variety of quality tires across the vehicle segments, some of which are the MICHELIN Agilis 3 for the commercial light truck segment, as well as the MICHELIN Road 6 for the two-wheel segment,” said Dangrojana.

Innovations for the future such as the MICHELIN Uptis (Unique Puncture-Proof Tire System) – a first-of-its-kind airless tire for passenger vehicles, is also testament to Michelin’s ambitions for sustainable mobility, in line with the brand’s goal of manufacturing tires from fully-sustainable materials with equally green processes by 2050.

To learn more about the new MICHELIN Pilot Sport 5 and the MICHELIN Primacy SUV+ tires, visit:

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Michelin delivers on their promise of ‘Performance Made to Last’ with a thrilling experiential event featuring the MICHELIN Pilot Sport 5 and MICHELIN Primacy SUV+.